Honda Civic Coupe Dashboard Light Guide

Here you are with a new Honda Civic, and rightfully so, you want to know all about your new automobile–starting with the dashboard lights. We all know the basics, from the speedometer to the gear shift, but there may be a few you’re not too familiar with. Here’s a breakdown of what you’re seeing when you’re cranking up your Honda Civic:

  • Battery Light: If this light is on it means the battery is not charging properly. This could mean there’s a connection problem or the battery is no good. To remedy this problem, you should contact your Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Port Charlotte Service Department.
  • Fuel Light: This may be one of the most common lights you see if you drive on low fuel, as it means you need to gas your Honda Civic up as soon as possible.
  • Engine Light: If this light pops on it’ll stay lit, and means there is a problem inside the engine after startup. Another possible problem could be within the engine’s emissions control system. You should see your Port Charlotte Honda Dealer ASAP if you see this light come on.
  • ABS Dash Light: If you’re seeing this light it means there’s a problem with the Anti-Lock Braking System. If it’s raining or there’s water on the road, you need to proceed with caution and get to the Honda Civic Dealer soon thereafter.
  • Oil (can) Pressure Light: Don’t take this one lightly! Your Honda Civic engine can be damaged if it flashes or stays without service while the engine is running. You can easily stop the car in a safe place and check your oil levels. If it’s not time for an oil change, be sure to top up your oil as needed.
  • Wrench Maintenance Light: If this light is on you should get to the Port Charlotte Service Department soon because it means it’s time to take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance.
  • Power Steering Light: If this light comes on at any other time than when you turn your key to the ON position, there is a problem in the electric power steering system. You should stop your Civic, turn off the engine, and reset the system by restarting the engine. If the light doesn’t go off after driving for a short while, take your car to the Port Charlotte Honda Dealer as soon as possible to have it checked.
  • DRL Light: This light simply means the Honda Civic Daylight Running Lights are on. If you don’t want these on, just switch your lights to the ‘off’ setting.
  • Cruise Control Warning Light: If this light is illuminated, it means the cruise control has been turned on. If you don’t want the cruise control on, use the button to turn it off.
  • Handbrake Light: If you’re seeing this light, it means the handbrake is applied. The light should go out if completely released, so double-check to see if this is the case. If the light doesn’t go off it means the braking system is faulty and needs to be checked by the Port Charlotte Honda Dealer Service Department.
  • Key Immobilizer Light: This light will only stay lit if the key inserted into the ignition is not a properly-coded key. The indicator will blink, and the engine will not start. To fix this problem, use a properly-coded key only when cranking your Honda Civic.

If you have any other questions about your Honda Civic, feel free to contact Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Port Charlotte.

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