Honda Civic Hybrid Maintenance Schedule

If your car is essential to you getting around, like almost everyone in the world, then taking care of your car is essential to it running for a long time. Anything with moving parts needs to be maintained on a regular basis, and a car has literally thousands of moving parts that need to be looked at periodically in order to ensure that they have the proper amounts of lubrication, or that their seals are intact and working, or that simple things like windshield wiper blades are not worn out. Luckily, Honda has installed their Maintenance Minder system, which alerts drivers to what needs to be looked at based on mileage, time, or low levels in transmission, coolant, or other fluids. The system illuminates lights on your dashboard corresponding to the letters and numbers listed in your car owner’s manual of your Civic Hybrid.

Maintenance Minder

Based on the remaining life left in your oil, the Maintenance Minder system alerts drivers of a needed oil change at 15% remaining oil life while it also includes several letters and numbers to alert drivers to other maintenance that needs to be done at the same time based on mileage.

The main letters for this system are A and B, with five numbered subitems (1-5) and a few every three years or twenty-four months services. These also appear according to Honda’s schedule of maintenance every 7,500 miles when the oil should be changed. The 15,000-mile increments increase the amount of maintenance as will be shown further down in this article.

Main item A

This is a reminder that your engine oil needs to be replaced and that your tires ought to be rotated. This is also an every 7,500-mile alert and will be a regular part of your maintenance schedule for the duration of the life of your vehicle, so get used to one of the most essential elements of maintenance.

Main item B

At this point in your car’s life, you will need to change the oil, inspect the oil and fuel lines and connections as well as the seals, and front and rear brakes. The parking brake’s adjustment is also inspected. An inspection of the following items is also done at this point: tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots, suspension components, brake hoses, and lines, driveshaft boots, suspension components, and the exhaust system. A check of all of the fluid levels and the Tire Repair Kit is also conducted.

Sub Items

The sub items are all factory recommended maintenance items.

Sub Item 1

This calls for a tire inspection for wear and tire rotation.

Sub Item 2

Air filters and pollen and dust filters are replaced. An inspection and adjustment of the drive belt are done.

Sub Item 3

Transmission fluid is checked and replaced.

Sub Item 4

The maintenance technicians will replace the spark plugs and inspect the clearance of the valves as well as checking the spark plug timing.

Sub Item 5

Engine coolant is checked and replaced at this point in your car’s life.

Refer to your owner’s manual for a complete list of these maintenance items and more specifics related to your Honda Civic Hybrid. Remember, you can always talk to the maintenance professionals at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, Florida, to get any of your maintenance and car related questions answered. When any of the alerts listed above come up on your dash, the friendly staff can help you understand the service required as well as perform the services called for.

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