Honda CR-V Dashboard Light Guide

The dashboard symbols in your Honda CR-V are more than just lights. They help you stay on top of the overall condition of your car. Often, they’re the first warning signs that indicate a problem under the hood, so it’s important to understand the meaning of the dashboard symbols in your CR-V.

To help you and drivers throughout Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and North Port do just that, Port Charlotte Honda is here with your complete guide to the 2017 Honda CR-V dashboard symbols.

Check it out below to get a better understand of each light in your SUV and what you need to do if they come on.

Honda CR-V Malfunction Indicators

Malfunction indicators in your CR-V are warning symbols that let you know when there is a severe problem in one or more systems under the hood.

Here are a few important 2017 Honda CR-V malfunction indicators you need to know:

  • Low Oil Pressure: A symbol that looks like a red leaky oil can is the low oil pressure warning light. It means engine oil pressure in the SUV is too low.
  • What You Need to Do: Check oil levels and add more if needed. If the light is still on, schedule a repair immediately.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp: This dashboard warning light looks like a yellow engine block and lets you know there is an issue with the emissions control system. It will also activate when a misfire is detected in the engine cylinders.
  • What You Need to Do: To avoid serious engine damage, have your Honda CR-V serviced and repaired as soon as you see this light come on.
  • All-Wheel Drive Light: When the all-wheel-drive system your 2017 CR-V is faulty, overheating, or inactive, a yellow light that says “AWD” will activate on your dashboard.
  • What You Need to Do: If it’s blinking, stop the car and idle until the symbol goes away. If the light is steady or remains active after idling, then get your vehicle repaired.
  • Charging System: This symbol looks like a red car battery and will come on when your battery is not properly charging.
  • What You Need to Do: Turn off all electrical items, but don’t turn the vehicle off. This will prevent additional discharge. Then, schedule a repair at a professional Honda dealer.

Honda CR-V Condition Indicators

Minor performance and system issues trigger condition indicators in your Honda CR-V. They also come on when you need to perform a particular action.

A few condition dashboard lights you can see in the 2017 Honda CR-V include:

  • Parking Brake: If you see the word “BRAKE” in red on your dashboard, it could mean the parking brake is active.
  • What You Need to Do: Disengage the parking brake to deactivate the light. If the symbol is still present, the brake system is malfunctioning or low on fluid.
  • Transmission Temperature: A yellow gear with a thermostat inside it is the Transmission Temperature dashboard symbol. It means the transmission fluid inside the car is too hot.
  • What You Need to Do: Pull over and shift the SUV into “Park” to let the fluid cool. After it cools down, the light should disappear.
  • Maintenance Minder™: A yellow wrench is the Maintenance Minder™ symbol, and it lets you know when your Honda CR-V is due for routine maintenance.
  • What You Need to Do: Have your vehicle serviced, and the light will deactivate until you need to schedule your next appointment.
  • Low Tire Pressure: The symbol that looks the side of a tire with a yellow exclamation point indicates one or more of your tires is underinflated.
  • What You Need to Do: Check the air pressure in each tire and inflate if needed.

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