Retrieve Unlock Codes for Radio & Navigation

Driving through Fort Myers, Sarasota, and North Port isn’t as much fun without your favorite jams and a helpful navigation system. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many Honda drivers. But why?

To find out and discover how you get the music flowing through your speakers once more, check out Port Charlotte Honda’s guide to how to retrieve unlock codes for your Honda radio and navigation devices.

Error Code on Your Honda Infotainment System

Every Honda vehicle is equipped with the latest technologies, including the advanced infotainment system with radio and navigation features. However, most drivers are unaware that they also come with anti-theft devices.

When battery power is interrupted, they activate a SAFE Mode on your infotainment system. This disables all features, including radio and navigation functions, to deter theft.

While these security features are innovative and do a great job of ensuring your peace of mind, there’s a drawback: They’ll activate the SAFE Mode on your Honda radio and navigation devices any time your battery loses power.

Get the Code and Unlock SAFE Mode in Your Honda

Once the anti-theft devices are enabled, you can’t turn off SAFE Mode for your radio or navigation devices until you punch in a special unlock code for both systems. The code can be found in your owner’s manual or a little card the dealership gave you after you purchased your car. When you have it, just input it into the system and everything should come back online.

If you lost the card or can’t find the codes in your owner’s manual, there’s another way to unlock your infotainment system using each system’s serial number and your car’s VIN.

To find your VIN, look in your owner’s manual. The serial code for your Honda navigation device is located in your trunk below the control unit. If you need help finding it, contact a Honda service expert.

Getting the radio’s serial number will be a bit more complicated. Depending on the type of systems you have, you have to press certain buttons to reveal the eight-digit number you need. To find out which buttons you need to hit, consult your owner’s manual or call a professional Honda service expert.

Once you have both numbers, you can either call a Honda dealership or follow the steps on the Honda Radio and Navigation Device Unlock Code website to get your special codes.

Have Questions?

The anti-theft system in your Honda is a great tool for your peace of mind, and now it doesn’t have to cause any more frustration. So if your car’s radio and navigation devices are stuck in SAFE Mode, consult this guide for a hassle-free way to resolve the issues.

And if you have any questions about the unlock codes for your specific Honda model, contact Port Charlotte Honda at 888-603-6426, near Fort Myers, North Port, and Sarasota, to speak to our automotive professionals now.

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