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Oil ChangeBecause the service center at Port Charlotte Honda has an expert staff, we can perform numerous vehicle services in a professional manner that keep your vehicle operating at its peak level. One of our specialties is giving your car a routine oil change when it’s time for a new one.

Most people forget to change their oil on a regular basis, which in turn can lead to severe engine damage that ends up costing much more in vehicle repairs. To make sure you avoid a situation such as this, we’re here to help you better understand what a simple oil change can do for your engine.

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Stronger Performance

Because oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine, it leads to a smoother, quieter ride. Along with the quiet ride, you’ll notice inside your vehicle, you’ll also experience better fuel efficiency because of the reduced friction that would otherwise slow down your engine.

Cleaner Engine

Over time, your vehicle’s engine will deposit debris and dirt in your car’s oil. If not changed, this debris will continue to build up, resulting in increased friction between the moving parts of your engine. This increasingly dirty oil will prevent your engine from working at its highest level and ultimately harm its internal components.

Longer Engine Life

Regular oil changes will increase the overall life of your engine. This is especially important for your wallet because it’s not cheap to repair or replace your engine. Without oil changes, the moving parts of your engine will continue to grind together and generate so much heat that your engine will eventually seize and fail to start. This is when you know you’re in trouble—and so is your wallet. Don’t let your vehicle get to this point by making sure that you bring your car in for regular oil changes.

The benefits of regular oil changes seriously outweigh the harmful outcomes of not getting them. It’s usually recommended that you get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but your vehicle’s owner’s manual should give you a more precise timeline that’ specific to your car’s engine.

If you live in the Port Charlotte area, the service center at Port Charlotte Honda is the premier place to get your oil changed. We perform this service on a regular basis and will make sure it’s done in the right manner to ensure your car gets back out on the road in the best shape possible. You can schedule your next oil change with the service center at Port Charlotte Honda via our website.

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