Local Spotlight: Charlotte Players Theater Company


Supporting the local arts is important, and luckily, there’s no shortage in the Port Charlotte area. The Charlotte Players Theater Company puts on several fun productions throughout the year, so if you’re interested in seeing some of your local neighbors, friends, and residents encompass characters and deliver lines, you may want to check the schedule to see what’s coming up on the marquee.

About Charlotte Players Theater Company

Performing artsThe Charlotte Players Theater is not only one of the oldest performing arts collective in Charlotte County, but the entire state of Florida as well. What started as an acting class in 1961 has blossomed and evolved into the premier theater company in the area!

The entire company is made up of more than 230 members who are continuously active in the productions and promotions of the shows. The company has three programs for their actors and audience members. Main Stage Productions, Langdon Playhouse, and Kids on Stage for the budding thespians.

On top of providing Charlotte County with exceptional performances and productions, the Charlotte Players Theater Company also has educational opportunities for all skill levels and ages. It’s the perfect opportunity for aspiring actors or scene-stealing little ones to hone their craft and develop the necessary skills to perform a production in front of a live audience.

What’s Coming Up?

Performing artsBecause of the large amount of active members in the Charlotte Players Theater Company, there are plenty of productions in place that you’ll be able to check out during their respective runs. Some shows are recurring and happen monthly, so you’ll be able to get tickets and check them out. These include:

  • Jack of Diamonds
  • Edwards Twins Master Impressionists
  • Mind Games with Thought Reader Bill Gladwell

And more!

Not only do the Charlotte Players Theater Company put on wonderful plays and productions, but they also host musical events including tribute bands and musical impressionists!

Sign Up & Participate!

The great thing about the Charlotte Players Theater Company is that you can get involved. They hold open auditions for their productions, so if you think you have what it takes to grace the stage and encompass a living breathing character, you’re welcome to audition. They post audition and show dates on their website, so check back to see what’s coming down the line and how you can get involved.

You can also donate and support your local arts so they can continue providing the audiences of Charlotte County with live entertainment!

Follow the Charlotte Players Theater Company on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up-to-date on upcoming productions, shows, and auditions!

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